Happy 2023!  I am thrilled that 2022 has come to a close and we are looking ahead to this year. 

We wanted to share all that has happened with the de Basilio/Lamprecht family. Above all, we write to encourage you.

God has been so good at reminding us of His faithfulness and in this we have received so much joy! What a perfect time to send our family update and celebrate our Savior!

Our move to Idaho had been hopeful. We sold our home in Port Townsend, franchised Paella House with the hope of expanding in the Coeur d’Alene, Spokane and Sandpoint communities. We bought a beautiful piece of property and we began the search of a contractor that could build us an ICF (insulated concrete form) home.

Unfortunately, the contractor turned out to be a professional conman and left us with an uncompleted, unsafe structure and took all our hard earned money. It was hard to grasp it was all gone. 2022 was fast approaching and we couldn’t imagine it being any worse.

January 2022
At this point, we realized that the fraud was real, the FBI would be taking over the investigation.

February 2022
Beautiful Adela was born and we named her Adela Helen, after my mom, who passed away right after meeting her granddaughter from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

March/April/May 2022
During these months we struggled with which direction we should go. We considered selling the property, but where would we go?

June through November 2022
We started working with an engineer who advised us on how we can salvage the structure. The report from the engineer stated that the structure needed major modifications and repair. We couldn’t afford to hire another contractor. The only option left was to build the house ourselves! We didn’t lose our faith, in fact we declared this house to be our testimony, our story. Soon we saw the miracles begin, including an incredible loan from our good friends from Port Townsend. Help started pouring in from everywhere! We left the rental and officially moved onto the property, into an RV that was generously offered to us to borrow as we transition into the house.

Help we have received from our dear friends, family, neighbors and even strangers:

  • All plumbing donated
  • Borrowed RV from friends
  • 30 day excavator use was donated
  • Hours of labor and expertise donated
  • Installation of roof trusses and sheathing donated
  • Concrete slab and labor massively discounted
  • Concrete donated
  • Lumber package for interior walls donated
  • Metal roof and installation donated
  • Donated materials for homeschool building

We thank each and everyone of you who have shown your support and love. You know who you are! Your acts of kindness and generosity have brought us many steps closer to being able to have a home again. While the house is far from being 100% complete, we are excited to continue to work hard this winter and see the fruits of all the labor.

Cumulatively, we have been blessed with over $150,000 worth of labor, materials, and equipment. God brought many hands together to help us build our home! We know that the Lord is working on our behalf and that HE is our ultimate general contractor.

We hope that our story is an encouragement to you this season- as you see how God is moving mountains for us. If you are in the area, we would love to show you how far we have come.

Merry Christmas and may 2023 bring with it blessings and peace!

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