The beautiful thing Is that life moves on – this is waiting through remission

The beautiful thing is that life moves on.  On April 18th, 2015- 2 YEARS AGO ( what?), I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I never thought I could move on as I have.  I didn’t think that I would be breathing through another kid’s birthday, summer, and farmers market. More importantly,  getting this far on the journey and experiencing what I have so far.  

Well, I suppose congratulations on making the first portion of treatments are in order, and I’m technically in remission. It seems to be a big deal for non-cancer folks.  I get, “so are you in remission now?” I know, many are wondering where I am in my cancer treatments, it’s normal and kind to be asked. However, I prefer this question instead, “Where are you on your cancer journey, or have you finished treatments?” 

 It wasn’t until recently when I understood why I hated the word remission. It doesn’t accurately describe the feeling or life that follows active cancer treatments. Actually, it devalues my new normal entirely. There continues to be a pain or a seriousness of the disease.  In fact, the most crucial time for cancer patients and possible recurrence in the next 5 years. The actual overhaul toxins may have ceased, but cancer treatment continues on.  Remission is a temporary recovery as the REAL healing and pain begin.

I have shared many ways that I cope and deal with life after cancer.  I strive daily, sometimes minute by minute.  I truly love harder, laugh heartier, and live deeply.

 My new perspective is a gift. 

I’ve been so busy- living a full life with a rewarding career, parenting with the love of my life, and healing through organizations like SEND ME ON VACATION and IMAGE REBORN.  I have been writing for SMOV for a few months now,  neglecting my current blog, but reaching more readers and survivors through it.  I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the healing of others in their own journey.  It is a really beautiful blessing, the silver lining of my health journey and I thank God for it.

There is a recent picture of Shannon Doherty that sums up the depletion that occurs after the”fight”.  The transition is not as joyous as one may think- there are a lot of – “ok, so now what” moments that can paralyze you.  

The idea of the next 5 years terrifies me more than any other time in my life.  In the next 5 years- I am waiting for the “clear”.  However, as much as I desperately want the time to fly by, I am absorbing the mommy moments, taking on the professional challenges at work and creating plans for the future with the love of my life.

Regardless of what the  next 5 years bring, I know I am living a well lived life. 

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Thank you for your love and support!

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