My Story

In many ways, my story can be summed up like this: 

She was happy until she found out she had cancer.  When this happened it was sad. She didn’t want to be sad anymore. She wanted to heal. And so she did!

Hah!  I wish it were as simple as that!  But my story is complicated and so is YOURS!  Full of emotional down turns and surprising moments of hope.  This is why I wanted to start this website.  I wanted to share the how “after cancer”.  I needed to move on after treatments and didn’t know who to turn to, where to find any resources and if I was going to be ok. 

I was diagnosed at the at of 34. I was teaching preschool, breastfeeding my son, and helping my husband to start a new business venture.  To say I was exhausted is an understatement. I was so tired, but I was happy.  I knew something wasn’t right because I kept getting hut with one weird rash or illness after another.

I was breastfeeding one night and noticed a small pea shaped ball on my breast near the bra line.  I thought it was unusual, but let it be for a month.  It had grown twice the size by then!  I started to worry and called by primary doctor at the time. Sure enough, after ultrasound, biopsy and all the bloodwork. It was Stage 2 Invasive Ductile Carcinoma. 

I was scared.  I was alone in my search for the next steps.  I just went with the flow because I was in shock and didn’t realize I had choices.  I didn’t realize that I needed an advocate to help me advocate for myself! 


Once I was out of the fog,  I started doing intense study, certificate programs and a solid gratitude practice.  I looked for cancer programs to help me navigate this next stage of healing.

  • I went on several week long Panchakarma retreats and studied with an Ayurvedic teacher
  • My husband and I went to a couples retreat to FINALLY talk about the stress and worry we had endured. 
  • I attended several overnight/week long retreats to focus on spiritual, emotional and mental health.
  • Became a career/ life and spiritual mindset coach.
  • Became Guided Imagery facilitator.
  • Self Care Advocate 
  • Practiced Qi Gong and studied Conquering Diseases with Jeff Primack
  • Became a Certified Holistic Healing Cancer Coach

Honestly, there are several more resources that I have found and implement daily.  I cant wait to share all that I have found with you and continue to find!

You being here and taking the time to read my story is what encourages me to move forward. I want to be the missing link for those who need to transition into healing and no longer want to be a victim but a VICTOR!

Thank you and sending you many blessings!


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