Cancer Empowerment and Healing

For a long time I couldn’t get out of my own head and I was tired of not feeling well. The weight gain, the mood swings, the anxiety and depression started to have negative impact in every part of my life. I knew I couldn’t keep living that way.  

I decided to do something about it and give my soul reset.  I began the hard inner work.  I dedicated the rest of my life to helping myself and others live well! Even better than before cancer! 

I am a Career and Life Coach that focuses on mind, body and spiritual resets, through nutrition, guided imagery, mindfulness, movement and real connection.  I believe in empowering others to a victorious living. 

Let me help you get unstuck and gain clarity on your health, wellbeing, and life goals and what’s getting in the way or keeping you stuck. I help you double your energy and get more done while feeling fully engaged with every facet of your life. Together, we develop a strategic action plan so you can make your vision a reality.  

We can focus on your life before, during and after cancer.

 Now that it has cut you down to your knees, what will do you about it? 


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♥Limited coaching is available as I focus on each client and their needs on their own terms.  

♥Group coaching is occasionally offered.  Check here for upcoming group workshops. 

***NEW 6 WEEK Coaching Series***

**Next Program: Starts May 15th!**

Make Your Cause Your Career!

Finding Residual Income on Your Healing Journey!

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