Send Me On Vacation -A Mermaid’s Journey


It took me several days to let go of the guilt associated with leaving my sweet husband and adorable kids at home.  It had been predicted that a storm was coming to our precious PNW. I had packed and geared up for a 8 days and 7 nights to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and was filled with a bit of apprehension about leaving but more so with glee-  I was going to MEXICO!!!!  AHH!

Let me pause a minute and give you the backstory.  In August, I had stumbled across a cancer resource page that listed various “retreats” that catered to women and their families who had suffered through breast cancer.  

I found Send Me On Vacation, a non profit organization that started with a vision by Cathy Backus to rejuvenate and provide emotional healing for her best friend who had suffered from breast cancer for the second time. With her knowledge and energy, Cathy created a foundation that enhances the healing journey for many survivors into a new normal that empowers, provides rest, fosters gratitude and creates genuine friendships, all the while experiencing an unbelievable vacation. There were several opportunities within the foundation to choose from and I decided on the Mermaid Journey– with Rebecca Taylor Shaw.

I have sat for a several days in front of my computer determining what would be the best way to describe the experience that I was so very fortunate to have had.  I just can’t possibly put it in one digestible post- I’ve decided to write a blog series on this BEAUTIFUL and EMPOWERING journey.

Transformation of a Breast Cancer Mermaid


I want to describe the various facets that a trip like this entails- what it felt like leading up to the decision, pushing aside the guilt associated with saying “yes” for my own healing (way overdue) and many more thoughts and true emotions of my “transformation journey”.   Cancer is more than a health disease, its emotional and spiritual.

I have broken the series into the Before, During and After, but not necessarily in that order!  Stay tuned for the gorgeous photos, the life changing nuggets of insight from the brilliant Rebecca Taylor Shaw and the tools and resources that have lead me to the stage I am now of renewal and transformation that is rolled up in a pretty bow of compassion.


I spoke to a previous breast cancer mom this morning, and she commented on the fact that, only those who have walked through our journey can truly understand the anxiety,fear, guilt and sadness that {we} survivors suffer through. I hugged her and knew that it doesn’t have to be this way- the pain is inevitable, sure- but it doesn’t stay, it comes and goes.  If there is anything that I will do with more passion and heart, until the day I die, is to help eliminate those anxieties and bring about as much peace and joy to my life and the lives of fellow survivors. Let’s all be mermaids!

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